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Das Weltkulturerbe/ The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany


To the Yves Rocher GmbH 

Lombardinostr. 1            

76724 Germersheim 


Luebeck, 2001, January 12 


CC / Chocolate, almonds, milk, mango, orange, cucumbers and apples, what does one not do all for the beauty! 

The German language writing you may find here:


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Sir or Madam,
How you and others will hopefully know, my writings are based not on the exchange of politeness or even requests, but this kind of writings points the way ahead and has been to understand as an alternative, because already also the reality speaks for itself!
Your own mind and the mind of others should must be able to say you, that in a production, which is made for the beauty and are distributed world-wide, no food for the production of cosmetic may be used and these products with a quite all likelihood also will bring no use for the exterior beauty.
With the same likelihood the nature hold ready many herbs, plants and uneatable fruits for the skin and for the soul, however one must only know, which herbs, plants and uneatable fruits are completely purposefully meant for it!
It cannot be true in these ill societies any more that at this advanced time people must suffer pains because of hunger or have by an insufficient food heavy lack phenomena and fall thereby already ill especial as infants or even most of all children must die, only because on the sunny side of life other ones scrawl themselves the food in the face or put it elsewhere inside!
You and your customers are not high-born ones, which may have a bath in almond oil and cream the skin with coconut milk.
You and your whole, worldwide customer circle are ill, whose sit them down in the high class of the élite and note any more, that they do not belong on these places long ago any more!
On these places belong quite different people, but not half glutton-animals, whereupon there are also still people!
Should it become true, that my person will take place, which is meant for this history, then all the ones will learn how a Christian has to be formed by his last roots of light-skinned nature and in this way my person is going to proceed with half an animals.
Almost in the same merciless and unbelievably manner I will take worry for the fact, that the sunny side of life gets the alms and at the same time the shadow side may eat them fill from the fruits of earth.
Almost the rest, for now 27 years am I on the way and can register a very great success for myself in this regard, which can affect of course only negatively.
Beauty also comes from inside, this concerns not only the above mentioned optimal food but also the soul, however, if the person behaves like half an animal by misuse food from its meant use, which other people urgently need and if the person lives under a roof with a domestic animal, because the disturbed soul can thereby compensate for something, what the soul is required for the well-being and a domestic animal is nourished by full food in the great style, then the facial features are changing in the course of the years to that, what one loves mostly and one mostly estimates, mainly to an animal, however, there`s no cure for that!!
On the shadow side of life the beauty priority was not created in the way, from which many ones are dreaming, what in all probability had to have happened by the roots of the prehistoric men and their connections.
If nevertheless one thinks, that in the course of many centuries particularly the dark-skinned humans for mentioned void reasons have died in masses and the souls reached back to their roots, then the natural balance is disturbed in afterworld, particularly since on the sunny side of life the so-called élite classes still lead in the old age an extended life or get a youthful appearance and if it is made possible, then still a high quality of life, too, although the whole means were required for it otherwise quite urgently!
This high quality of life and the high standard of living also contain quite high dangers, which arise from it and also is concerned the welfare of the humanity.
The overstepping of the norm can be no a permanent state and thus the human should immediately decide on the right side, because time is short!
The high dangers, which come from Outside are more badly to calculate than dangers, which come from inside. However, one can have an effect only from Inside to the Outside, as well as it will behave primarily with the remaining beauty of a person, too!
Cosmetics on biologically clean herbal base is absolutely the right way, only one may mistake plants not for fruits, which are intended exclusively to the consumption of the person.
There are also fruits and plants or herbs, which are used as a drug.
Let nevertheless in this direction further pursue your researches for the beauty, what every woman is grateful for, because then you have broken no natural law and are on the right side, whereby possibly the success of your researches can result.*
Of course the animal testings must be excluded, because, otherwise, the circulation of the life, which is bound to the natural laws, is disturbed again and becomes even more incalculable, what is valid basically for all life, particularly for the unborn human life!
A fairy tale can begin for everybody only, if the beauty wins and this is able to do only from inside!
Because I cannot believe for the called reasons any more surely in a fairy tale, I advise you and all other people urgently to cater for every circumstances, that the possibility for a painless and for diversion for a clean "departure" is made for every person.
Your and other cultures probably have time for still this quarter,** because a free from problems and a free from abuse arranged distribution of the means have to take place.
There can be nothing more awful as that from Outside is broken and somebody is stolen or a takeover of the humanity takes place and the humanity is alienated!
Under my guidance particularly those people will pay the bill on earth, which are responsible for this "crap" by condone and watching consciously as people of foreign countries, particularly the children, were sent deliberately in the death and here on the sunny side of life the food are processed in tones, which were of vital importance for other people, even for the cleansing agent and for the tankful of the automobiles.
The beauty will possibly suffer by the consumption of animal food, because a lot of hormonal animal dung will be eaten, however by the consumption of mud cake or dry fodder this won`t be able to happen, in which the duration was determined and will become determined by you and other ones, as already several times made clear!
Do you and everybody not forget or mistake with the last available alternative, that the captain leaves the sinking ship as the last person!!!
Ursula Sabisch
HP.: Of course, such writing is intended not for two or three „ twisted spinners“, but for those people among you, who still are in one`s right mind.
For this reason this writing and many others of my writings ought to be used as a worldwide CC!
**Checked September 11th. 2019/ April 05. 2023.





___________Ursula Sabisch, Lübeck, Germany

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